An unexpected text can sometimes start a whole new story.

All you can do is to talk a little bit more… share a little bit more

And at the end freak out

Because this is not you.

Talking your heart out to a stranger

This is just not you, definitely!

Actually the funny thing is..I have heard

You fall in love with a stranger easily.

One day..Sometimes…Out of nowhere…

You encounter someone

He’s not a life partner,but just a stranger

In front of whom you uncover the deep essence of your heart

The words in the dark alleys of your mind finally see the light of the day.

You are amazed

You are scared

Scared of being taken advantage of.

This weird melancholy of your mind baffles you.

This unknown world..unknown person

You are surprised on this new existence of yours.

One which,you knew,was always there,but never had the gumption to expose it freely…

Actually the funny thing is..I have heard…

You fall in love with a stranger easily.

Sometimes people just continue listening to you and stop understanding you.

You speak a lot but still go by unheard of.

That time you feel

You want someone…

Whom you don’t have to keep happy every time..

Whom you are not entitled to neither is he to you

Who isn’t upset on you

Every evening, just sits with you

Hears what you have to say and tells something about himself

He doesn’t incite a doubt or any expectation

Just incites an emotion of calmness after a storm, undeniably

Actually the funny thing is …I have heard You fall in love with a stranger easily.

You might ask me…

Why a stranger?? Why someone who doesn’t know your ugliest secret.

That stranger is just stupid!!! 😉

He might be broken by his past

But…So are you…

So..Relax mate

Because the last time I checked,broken crayons still coloured the same.

Because when you don’t have anyone….

Your mind wanders… looking for a stranger

Because a stranger doesn’t know how to find you by himself.

There are no rules for talking to a stranger

There is no need to reach the depths of each other’s mind and unravel every dark secret

And maybe that’s why you can say anything to a stranger without thinking, unabashedly.

Actually the funny thing is… I have heard..

You fall in love with a stranger easily.

And now if i tell you

That this weather of strange yet beautiful words and feelings won’t last

That you might not meet this stranger ….

Or even get to see him in person

Then you might want to stay with him for a little more time

You might want to say what you never told anyone…

Because you know.

You know you got him for a coincidence.

This was not a planned date.

Even if this person goes away,your heart won’t ache,

Because anyway

Neither of you has promised to stay.

All of this seems strange and funny, eerily

Actually the thing is…I have heard..

You fall in love with a stranger easily.

So I would say

This is chance,not many get

Smile at that stranger of yours

Bring out whole heart of yours

You never know…

Maybe he also needed a stranger somewhere.

You might not say…let’s be together…even though you both want it.

Instead you might just say…let’s only talk and then forget about it.

Because confrontations are hard and lying dormant in each other’s phone is just too damn easy!

Remember, you slept with empty dreams but this stranger found meaning in them

The stories which were old ..found new feelings which were lovely

And this might be the reason why

They say

You fall in love with strangers easily.


2 thoughts on “A Stranger

  1. I really liked this. I think it’s sometimes so much easier to open up to someone we don’t know because we don’t have to care about what they think of us since they’re…strangers. Do you think the closer you get to someone the harder it is to open up to them?

    Liked by 1 person

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