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So, it’s been two days since mother’s day was celebrated. And in these two days-

My news feed on Facebook is filled with posts about people uploading pics with their mother’s. Long captions. Big words. Smiling faces.
But how how true are those captions? How deep are those words? How real are those smiles???
I am sure and truly hope most of you have mothers which stand true to all those wonderful words.
But I am pretty sure there is also a section of kids/ adults who don’t have all this. They don’t feel undying love towards their mother. They respect her but that’s out of the parent they are… the mental conditioning done by the society… and not personal feelings. This doesn’t mean they don’t love her. It just means sometimes things between them got screwed up pretty badly.
Let’s take a different view point on mother’s day.

There are those of you who adore their mothers, who have undying love for her, who answer the question, “Do u love your mother?”  With- of course! I do. As if there can be no other alternative

This is not for you. You have enough. You don’t need this write up. This is for everyone else.

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This is for the ones who have been controlled, compared without limits for absolutely anything, ignored and humiliated. This is for the ones who never felt wanted. And for some reason always failed to believe the universal truth of mothers love.

Not every kid…

Not every kid has a picture with their mother
smiling into the camera to upload on Mother’s Day.
Because some mothers are too busy appreciating other kids.
Because some mothers are trying to shape up their children according to some ideal fit set by the society or according to what they themselves couldn’t be.
Because they are busy making a cage for their children which the child doesn’t even want to be in. Because they are busy in matching their child to some godly pedigree.

Some kids can’t really speak to their mothers but are bound by the rules of the society to play the part of a really good child but are in fact just hiding. Hiding their true raw self from everyone.

This is for the ones who when they speak up and try to express what they feel, are constantly reminded of the social pragmatism.

Try telling someone you don’t love your mother. Or that you are not too fond of her…countless arguments will be made about how you should just try to understand her.

I am not here to blame mothers or to go against them. I am sure whatever mother’s think for their children is in good faith and for their betterment. But some need to understand that their child’s betterment is in doing what they are comfortable in and not forcefully trying them to make into that proverbial good kid whom everyone loves.

The humiliation, ignorance, feeling of unwontedness comes at a heavy cost. A cost beard by the little kid.

The kid plunges slowly into a deep dark pit of emptiness which seems never ending.

They slowly start disliking you.
It burns their heart to see someone else’s child’s achievement bring smile to your face.
Their bodies pretend to be living, although their soul is dying out from inside.
They don’t care about anything anymore.
They just work as a machine and slowly make themselves get used to this society and your ideals.
You don’t notice this and it breaks their heart to see your indifference.
They bottle up their emotions.
They learn to speak only what you want to hear.
Their insides get crushed every day.
They stop emoting.
They stop communicating.
Those who are good at this, survive. Those who can’t think it’s better to put a full stop on their lives forever.

So for the ones suffering.

It’s not your fault.

Forgive your mother’s if you can…if you like…but look towards your own life…there are so many things to do. Don’t carry this pain forever.  There are a lot of things waiting to be accomplished by you on this big blue planet.

And for the mothers.

Wake up! Before your child decides not to wake up ever again.


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