via Daily Prompt: Sleeve

I fell down, it was no longer bright

Landed in a black hole, which was devoid of light

Out of the corner

I see you standing there

With sparkling eyes

I hope they are authentic, no disguise

My heart thuds as you approach me

I feel like you have come to help me

The people that came before

Were not as good as you

I hope this time my destiny had something new

But that eve

You had some tricks up your sleeve

You slowly lean in

I can see your teasing smile

I pray

Spare me the misery of another fake

O Divine!

Slowly I realize

It’s not what it seems

This time someone had definitely come to help me

You pick me up from my mess

But all I could see

Was darkness

As I look behind

There is no one standing

That sparkling eyes I saw

Strangely seem to look like mine

All my life

I was in this struggle

To find someone

Someone who would be with me

Who would understand the essence of my words

The effect of my words

Someone who was just like me!

But the struggle of that eve was something special

That fall in the black hole

Had given rise to something bright

As I met myself that night

I realized I had been searching for myself my whole life

So the struggle stops

And with it the stops the need

To find someone


The best find is myself

The best find is me


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