17 APRIL, 2018

It was an ordinary day. It was the same old routine of getting up, getting ready to face another day to day small battles of life. Funny how every day we feel it’s just the same day…just like yesterday. But oddly enough each day stands out to be different in some minute, but significant way.

Being the season of scorching heat at this time of the year, it came as a pleasant surprise when I could see the hot sun slowly hide. Puffy clouds soft as pillow covers had started covering the sky. It gave me the utmost joy to watch this standing at full height windows facing the street. This joy was shared all of us standing there. This was a welcome relief for all of us. A much needed break.

Being a pluviophile, I got immediately lost in the rain. I was present there physically, but my mind was travelling thousands of miles back and forth.

Slowly bolts of lightning broke the air and I could see the mist which clung to it.The heady fragrance of the raindrops soon filled my nostrils and the pitter patter started punctuating my thoughts.

What is it about the rain that makes us feel so intense, I often wonder. Something natural, I am sure 🙂

rain 1


I was reliving the wonderful memories…the lost days. I remembered the wonderful walk in the rain with my loved one. The talks…the laughter. It’s interesting how people can go away from your life but, memories, they stay forever. Etched in your heart. Memories are, by far, the most beautiful asset of our mind. Our memory is a more perfect world than the universe: it gives back life to those who no longer exist for us. In my mind I then slowly travelled to my first splash in the rain as a child and the cold that i got after it. There was a scolding by my mother also but the splash was totally worth it 😉

The pitter patter of rain created a shield around me. I got the first splatter of rain on me when the droplets started soaking my eyelashes.  They sky looked post card perfect. But the beautiful cocktail blue color was slowly turning into a darker shade of grey.

rain 2

I used to find the rain, the feeling of getting wet all very over rated. The cliché of getting drowned in your thoughts in a rainy atmosphere always baffled me. But slowly I understood, it may be a cliché, but clichés exist for a reason. So as they say, “Some people feel the rain, while others just get wet”

This untimely rain ended just as quick, and left its indelible mark across the ground. The sky didn’t clear for the rest of the day, a reminder hanging over our heads.

It’s drizzling right now, as I write this. I listen to the thunder crackle rip across the sky. No clear delineation between the ground & air. It’s all wet anyways.

As I said, a day which started so mundane ended in a picture perfect way. Making you feel slightly different that yesterday, giving you slightly different experiences, and creating whole new memories. A day that had been so ordinary in the morning had completely changed its face by night.


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