It was a listless afternoon. Amidst casual conversation with my friends…Someone said, “Hey! What happened with Asifa was horrific”. I was about to respond to this, when one of my friends said, who is Asifa? What happened? Is it serious?

I was appalled at this question…to this attitude to be precise. It’s been more than a week this incident is gathering heat in almost every space, be it in newspapers, or social media platforms or the television space. So it is not as if this incident was little known. The irony in this situation was the friend who said it was a female and an educated one!! This casual indifference to something so intense is what makes me wonder about our whole attitude to this situation. Later on I, with utmost patience on my part, went on explaining about the whole issue. The response to which was, oh! So bad. But this is regular Na in our country. What to do now? Ab hum isme Kya kar sakte!

My point being, here is a father who lost his child in the worst way possible, had to fled the area because of constant threats because he had just filed a police report wanting to find his little girl, and has to probably find a new source of income to feed his remaining family. The lawyer who is trying to fight for that little girl in court, which supposedly should be a good thing, is also receiving threats. The real reason behind these threats still baffles me, but it reeks strongly of political pressure and our old Indian way of suppressing the accused instead of helping the victim.

So yeah! A lot is happening. I know, being miles away from where this is actually happening, we cannot contribute directly to this, but we can at least help by creating more awareness about this issue, by speaking out on this on various platforms, by making our voice heard. Maybe…just maybe…our little efforts might contribute to some significant change in the situation.

I get it when some people say they don’t like sports so they don’t read sports news, they don’t know about certain scientific or any news for that matter which they don’t have much interest in or knowledge about it. But this incident is way above your choices, it’s not limited to your likes and dislikes. This heinous crime has been committed in our country by humans who behaved like monsters that night. And in my personal opinion this SHOULD have little effect on you at least.

Many crimes like these are hushed and go unreported. Those people don’t even get a chance to demand justice which is ideally their right. In such cases our lives go about hunky dory in every which way and at the same time these people are silenced for life. They lose their inner peace and happiness. So when something has come to light, when someone has got a small but a chance to fight, what is the harm in us, as common people in contributing to it in whatever way possible. The result is surely not in our hands but the efforts are.

Such crimes are happening more and more now a days but it should be stopped before our country becomes known for these things!


3 thoughts on “KATHA OF KATHUA- A tale of Indifference

  1. I will definitely do my part to shine a light on these atrocities. I hope to improve day to day life around here and the atrocities happening in other worlds. Oddly enough, I relate to the terrible fate of children who are harmed by the arrogance of cruel people. There are many of us who rise up to create awareness of a better way.

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  2. I appreciate your initiative 🙂 It is disheartening to see all these cruel atrocities around us. A small effort of people like you and me will definitely yield some good results in the long run .


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